What is a Progressive Lens: Review, Pros, and Cons

what is a progressive lensDo you know what is a progressive lens? The eyes you have see the many things of the world at varying ranges, which can be as close as something on your nose, something in your extended hand, or a road sign that just came over the horizon on the Interstate.

As you get older, your eyes will have increasing difficulty in adjusting focus from a range of vision to a new one. They are something that allows you to have clear vision across all ranges.

What is a Progressive Lens for You

Progressive lens let your eyes have seamless transitions when switching distances of sight. Therefore, you do not witness any more image ‘jumping’ if your eyes move too far up and down. Progressive lens are also clear through and through, so you do not get distracted by the lines that bifocal lens have.

In fact, progressive lens have another advantage over bifocals. These bifocals typically let you see things up close clearly, as well as things far away. However, anything an arm’s length away is still going to look blurry.

Read These Progressive Lenses Pros and Cons

The changes between the far and near viewing areas can be rather abrupt. Transitioning from one range to another is a little bit of a headache. It also makes the lenses look unappealing with their half-moon style.

The lack of lines in progressive lens actually can help your self-esteem and confidence a little. People can look you straight in the eye when you talk to them. Your glasses look more like the lenses worn by individuals a generation younger than you. With the right hair cut and wardrobe, you can shave a few years off your appearance.

When you next visit your eye doctor or optometrist, ask him or her just what is a progressive lens? If they answer any differently than you’ve read here, find another doctor!

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