Temporary Blindness in One Eye at Night

When you or your friends are suffering from temporary blindness in one eye upon waking up or night time, you need to find medical help as soon as possible. Most optometrists usually recommend their patients to visit any eye clinics immediately. This article is going to show you some symptoms of partial loss of vision in one eye temporary.

Many doctors describe this type of situation as Amaurosis Fux. You have to know about the overall Amaurosis Fugax definition. You may suffer from temporary loss of vision and dizziness when you are suffering from this condition. Here are some symptoms that commonly occur in many patients.

Sudden Blind Spot in One Eye Symptoms

temporary blindness in one eye

You might notice some symptoms, including sudden blurring on your eyes, sudden loss of your vision, and also loss of your peripheral vision. In certain condition, you might find some spots on your eyes.

This situation can be dangerous, especially when it lasts for a long time. You have to treat this temporary loss of vision in one eye and headache immediately. Sudden blind spot on your eyes may bring serious situation in the future.

Temporary Blindness in One Eye Causes

Sudden blind spot on your eyes can be caused by a lot of factors. Retina damage is one of the most common factors for this situation. When your retina is getting damaged, your are going to lose your vision immediately. In another condition, your eyes can suffer from blood leakage. Your blood will enter the eyes and block the light. As the result, you are going to suffer from immediate vision loss. Don’t forget to ask your doctors about any other serious medical conditions.

Treatment of Blind Spot in Visual Field

a. Close your eyes for a while

This treatment is a perfect option for you who are suffering from sudden vision loss. Closing your eyes for a while can reduce any negative side impacts from this temporary blindness. When it is necessary, you can also use wet cloth as wet compress on your eyes.

b. Relax yourself

When you are stressed out with your condition, you are going to have severe situation. It is really important for you to remain calm and relaxed. Relaxing your body and eyes can also reduce the risk of getting Vitreous haemorrhage condition.

c. Seek medical assistance immediately

Don’t forget to get the best vision treatment possible immediately. You have to find medical assistance around yourself as soon as possible. Immediate treatment can reduce any negative impacts from this sudden vision loss. You can also prevent permanent vision loss by visiting your optometrists as soon as possible.

In order to avoid this type of situation, you have to examine your eyes regularly. It is highly recommended to visit your optometrists at least once in every 6 – 12 months. Regular visit can allow your optometrists to detect any possibilities of getting temporary partial blindness on your eyes immediately.

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