Regular Eye Drops vs Eye Drops For Contact Lenses

eye drops for contact lensesIf you wear contact lenses, it is important to know which ones are actual eye drops for contact lenses. There are many kinds of eye drops, not all of them are for the same purpose.

You can divide most of the eye drops into three main categories. They are drops for redness, drops for dry eyes and contact lens re-wetting drops. Here is some basic information on these types of eye drops. You can also learn about how they should be used.

Eye Drops for Contacts Red Eyes

Vasoconstrictors are most common ingredients in your eye drops. They can help you relieve from red eyes. They help to shrink the tiny blood vessels on the clear tissue coating of the white area of the eye.

These types of drops for the eyes are not recommended for people who wear contact lenses. These drops may cause the formation of deposits on the lens. When they are used often, the redness can actually become worse.

Eye Drops For Contact Lenses Dry Eyes

These drops are designed to lubricate the eyes this helps the dry surface to heal. They are however quite thick and can cloud up contact lenses. If you have been experiencing “dry eye”, you have to consult your doctor. Best eye drops for contact lenses could help with the dryness.

Best Eye Drops for Contacts Wearers

Eye drops designed for contact lenses help to lubricate the lens and the eye. As the result, you can get comfortable wearing experience. Using these kinds of drops frequently, has no adverse effects. Most doctors recommend their patients to start using these drops, in order to clean out proteins and debris.

You have to read that label, so you can ensure the safety of your soft contact lens. When you wear contact lens, You need to use eye drops prescribed by your eye doctor. You can also use any drops that are specifically for use with contact lenses.

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