How Much Are Transition Lenses with Comparison?

how much are transition lensesYou can compare all available transition lenses. When asking about how much are transition lenses it is important to keep in mind that they can be made for near, distance and intermediate vision.

Transition lenses that also go by the name of photochromic lenses are described as UV protected lenses which change in color when they are exposed to light. The color of the lenses will change from traditional clear to darker colors.

How Much Are Transition Lenses at Retailers?

Dependent on the brand and the transition lens type, the costs will vary from around $30 all the way up to $300. The transition lenses will need to be added into the person’s prescription glasses.

The branded transition lenses will typically cost much more when compared to no-name brands. For example a sought after brand such as Oakley with transition lenses will cost near to the higher end.

Transition Lenses Price Comparison

With the variety of factors involved, the costs will be dependent on aspects such as where they are purchased from and the brand name. A site such as Safety Glasses USA has on offer a collection of transition eyewear brands that include:

Oakley from $200 to $220

Wiley X from $113 to $129

Gatorz at $162

Revision at $99

3M at $59.95

Bobster from $39 to $79

Transition lenses are described as a type of photochromic lens that comes with types of photochromic dyes that allow the lenses to darken quickly as soon as they come into contact with ultraviolet rays derived from the sun.

These adaptive type lenses can be combined into any type of glasses in order to reduce eye strain and fatigue. When the conditions in light change, these lenses rapidly adjust and offer the right tint level. These lenses have been designed in such a way that they block out 100% of UVB and UVA rays.

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